Shot in 2018-2019 in East Falls, Philadelphia.

Artist’s Statement

The purpose of this work is to document the relationship between young children and their caregivers. These portraits are important to me on a personal level as I recently became a parent and a caregiver for my own child and wanted to make work exploring this new reality. I wanted to attempt to document the caregiver-child relationship through its quiet and sometimes challenging moments. I wanted to share this work with others who might also appreciate these quiet moments as an alternative to picture-perfect family portraits that I am used to seeing.  

-Andrew Piccone, February 2019

Curator’s Statement

care:giver came about through the very community it documents. As a creative parent in East Falls, I sought kid-friendly and conceptual work to show as I restarted my dining-room gallery. I happened to meet Andrew and his daughter June in a new parent meet-up several months after my son Arthur was born. When curating Hauska, I value my personal connection to the artist and how the unusual space alters the way the work is seen. I am happy to show Andrew’s work and to know him as a fellow care-giver. Andrew elevates our care-giving community, and reveals the shared experiences that connect us to our children and each other.

-Julia Owens, February 2019

Click here for a photo of the hung show.